Les Stone will be one of the documentary-photography teachers at the workshop. ( His work is pretty amazing. He has traveled all over the world documenting political conflict in war zones, the effects of natural disasters and the health effects of long term exposure to certain workplace hazards. His work is documentary in nature but very beautiful and visually arresting. I am excited to meet him and dig in!

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January 22, 2013 · 12:57 pm

details, details

I have 2 weeks until I leave for Clarksdale! I am still raising money on & have planned a fund-raising Yard Sale for next Saturday. 

Starting thinking about what I need to get together before leaving town. The list suggested by Barefoot Workshops is below. The highlighted items are things I need to work on procuring in the next week. Eek!

* Digital Camera with at least a 10 megapixel chip.

* Laptop Computer w/DVD burner or hard drives with free space

* Editing Software.  Adobe Lightroom has free 30 day trials available online.

* An External Mouse for your laptop. It will make your work faster and your hand happier.

* Memory Cards: at least two 8 GB

* Card Reader, Firewire or USB2.0 or 3.0 for ingesting your files faster.

* Power Adapters: any power cables for your laptop and digital camera and your battery chargers.

* Camera Manual… seriously

* Two Camera Batteries (at least) + Charger

* Blank DVDs or Portable Hard Drives for backing up images (3x more than you think you need) I would suggest at least 100gb. 

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Its been a long time.

Sweet Gus

And we have a new addition. Meet sweet Gus Milo.


He is a little dragon baby who just goes with the flow. Now 4 months old, he is rolling & grabbing, but still prefers to snooze on his mama. (Which he is doing right now). I made a video yesterday of his doing a complete roll over from back to belly yesterday. I will post later if I can.

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5 & 1

This Sunday we celebrate 5 years together, 1 year married. I have known Tom since I was 19 and just starting college. Amazing.

Manomama, did I think he was a cutiepie.

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this picture is so awesome i’ve been splashing it all over the internet. taken at the goat farm during a dance truck performance (PLOT). , by the talented karley sullivan of atlanta, ga.

in other news, a few more to add to the list.
1. tattoo
2. continue violin lessons
3. begin smoking intermittently
4. go on great fun trip to new orleans with tom baby-free
5. quit smoking again
6. take nico to georgia aquarium
7. get a job that can actually pay some bills around here
8. buy a 1982 mercedes-benz 123 wagon
9. go to mexico
10. start meditating/ go on yoga retreat (should i wait til i’m 39 for this one?)
11. just go to dance class
12. begin herbalism course (aviva jill romm?)
13. organize art show
14. gain more birth training
15. go to italy
16. fly to new york
17. apply for midwifery school
18. buy some really awesome shoes
19. go on a camping trip with friends
20. new camera
21. perfect my hand-stand
22. get business cards
23. become a traveling street punk kid
24. start a band
25. publish a new zine
26. start nico’s college fund

some jokes, simple to-dos, true expressions. a little heart breaking to consider all that we really want with our one life.

more later.

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29 before 30

next year i will be 30. pause.
inspired from elsiecake at a beautiful mess, i am attempting to reach 29 goals before 30. unfortunately (or not) the only one i am certain about at this time is that i want to get a tattoo. wink.
this post is my commitment to come up with 28 more goals so that i can start crossing them off the list. be back with more soon.

above is nico, who has to accomplish 2 goals before 3.

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nico in his room

when almost-two year old’s clean up their own room.
he actually was just left along in his room for,like, 1.5 minutes. fast little chimp.

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